Why We Love Our Smoothies From a Bowl

Why We Love Our Smoothies From a Bowl

Smoothies are a staple of any health-conscious human’s routine, at Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland, we love them. They are a great on-the-go option, they’re bright and colourful and come packed full of essential nutrients to keep you going throughout your day. Easy to throw together the day before, smoothies really are all about convenience. Depending on how you like your smoothies, a smoothie bowl might not be the most revolutionary thing to happen to your breakfast since bulletproof coffee became a thing. If, however, you have your daily smoothie with a side of boring, the smoothie bowl could be just the inspiration you didn’t know you were looking for:

A Smoothie Bowl is Thick

As you will be eating your smoothie bowl with a spoon, you want it to be scoopable. There a few ways you can do this. The obvious option is to add less water. However, this depends on the type of blender you are using, and extra water may be needed to help your ingredients to blend. Using frozen fruit will add to the thickness of your spoon-friendly smoothie. If you really want to thicken your breakfast up, add chia or ground flax seeds and let your smoothie sit for 10 minutes. Chia and flax also have the added benefit of providing more fibre to your meal.

A Smoothie Bowl has Granola or Muesli as a Topping

Once you’ve created the base for your smoothie—banana, berries, yoghurt, protein powder, etc.—add granola or muesli for extra crunch. This adds some texture and a bit of flavour to your smoothie. If grains aren’t your thing, no worries. Add a grain-free granola or chopped nuts instead.

A Smoothie Bowl is Really All About the Toppings

Don’t feel like you have to stop at granola, muesli or chopped nuts. Add coconut flakes, chopped fruit, dark chocolate chunks, chia seeds, you name it! Sky’s the limit when it comes to adding pizazz to your smoothie bowl. Go ahead and make your boring old smoothie exciting again.

The Science Behind Spooning Your Smoothie Bowl

Digestion begins in the mouth when the enzymes in your saliva mix with the food you are eating. Not only that, chewing and the movement of your tongue while you eat contribute to how full you feel after a meal. Traditional smoothies don’t require chewing so the nutrients in your smoothie aren’t as prepared to be absorbed by the rest of your digestive tract. There’s also that feeling of having not really eaten after gulping down a classic smoothie.

A smoothie bowl is a great solution to solve to these important factors. It allows for the maximum absorption of nutrients by beginning the digestion process in the mouth. A smoothie bowl also feels more satisfying to eat. Sure a couple of toppings and a slightly thicker smoothie might seem like no big deal but it can have serious health benefits.

Check out these tasty recipes to get started on your smoothie bowl breakfast. Sorry classic smoothie, there’s a new kid in town.


Get Fit in Bed: How the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed assists with Body Toning

Get Fit in Bed: How the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed assists with Body Toning

Let’s be honest, the main reason most of us want to get fit is so we look good naked. At Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland, we could not agree more. Of course, there are heaps of other benefits to using an Allegro Pilates Reformer bed which you can read about in this article. But for most of us, a body that feels toned and strong is our main motivation for committing to a regular Pilates workout.

The Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed is the most versatile Reformer machine available. Its modular design allows for a countless number of easy adjustments to be made, so you can fit in the perfect workout every time. This means that you will find the correct amount of resistance to help tone your body in all the right ways. Here are a few key elements of the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed that make it a simple yet effective body-toning machine.

The Bed

The Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed has adjustable springs to change the resistance you feel as you work out. The spring tension works in both directions of movement so you achieve a greater amount of toning with each exercise. The bed slides smoothly on its tracks ensuring every movement is fluid and controlled.

The Ropes

The resistance ropes on the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed can be used to work both the arms and the legs. The springs of the bed are used to create the perfect resistance level, only instead of using the bar to initiate a movement, the ropes put your body to work. Unlike the back and forth movement of the bed, the ropes allow for circular and angled movements for all-over muscle tone.

The Sitting Box

The sitting box adds another element to an Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed workout. To elevate the body, the sitting box is used in combination with the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed to allow for a greater variety of exercises to be done using the machine. This variety in possible movement options helps you to get the all-over body tone you want.

The Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed is a one-stop machine that will help you tone your body through its various resistance and movement options. It offers low-impact solutions that give you results without compromising your joint health or any pre-existing injuries. As far as looking good naked goes, there is no better option than the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed. Get fit in bed; try a class at Reformation Pilates and experience all the body-toning benefits of this full-body workout machine.


Top 5 Reasons to try Reformer Pilates

Top 5 Reasons to try Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates machines allow you to use your bodyweight, resistance and light weights to achieve a full-body workout. The benefits of regular Reformer Pilates practice range from a more toned body to injury prevention. Here is a list of the top five reasons we think everyone should try a pilates class at Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland.

1.      Full-Body Conditioning

Reformer Pilates targets every area of your body. In a regular workout, it is very common for your more dominant muscles to take over. On a Reformer Pilates machine, you are able to make those hard-to-activate muscles work. This helps your body move the way it is supposed to move, in addition to aiding in injury prevention.

2.      Increased Core Strength

Of all the areas of your body that get worked in a Reformer Pilates session, your core muscles will feel the burn the most. There is an emphasis on strengthening the pelvic floor and the deep core muscles. These are the muscles that stabilise your spine and add power to the rest of your body’s movements. Reformer Pilates offers powerful core-strengthening exercises that strengthen and tone the muscles of your abdomen.

3.      Greater Flexibility

In addition to stabilisation, Reformer Pilates also helps to develop greater flexibility. By strengthening the body in a balanced way, muscle fibres are lengthened safely. Pilates was designed to rehabilitate injured ballet dancers so that they could maintain their muscle tone and flexibility despite not being able to partake in their regular training. Therefore, there is always a flexibility component of every Reformer Pilates class.

4.      Improved Joint Stability

Reformer Pilates exercises are slow and controlled to ensure proper form. This also helps maintain the activation of the right muscle groups and prevents dominant muscle groups from taking over. All of this contributes to building up joint stability, especially in areas that are prone to injuries, such as the shoulders and knees.

5.      Low Impact

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact way to exercise that won’t put unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. Over time, impact wears away joints and can create discomfort in the body. So a Reformer Pilates class is the perfect way to get a workout in without compromising your joint health. This means you can practice Reformer Pilates at any age to help rehabilitate your body after an injury, as well as for general fitness.

There are countless other benefits to regular Reformer Pilates practice. The best way to get to experience the benefits of Reformer Pilates is to try out a class. Reformation Pilates offers three different Reformer Pilates class types to help you get the body you want. Reformation Body Tone is a full-body workout that targets the main muscle groups for an all-over feeling of strength. Arms, Abs + Glutes focuses on toning and tightening this trifecta. Stretch and Tone offers a balance of strength work and stretching for an equally challenging and therapeutic sweat session. Try Reformer Pilates at Reformation Pilates today and experience all the benefits of this full-body workout machine.

Our Guide to a Healthy Day Out at Eastland Shopping Centre

Our Guide to a Healthy Day Out at Eastland Shopping Centre

Having a healthy day out has never been easier at Eastland Shopping Centre. From fitting in a workout to getting your nails done, Eastland Shopping Centre has everything you need to pamper yourself inside and out. There is so much to choose from, so we created a list of our favourite places to get healthy; Sweat, pamper, eat, enjoy, repeat!

Reformation Pilates

Start your healthy day off with a sweat! Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland offers daily Reformer machine classes guaranteed to make you work. We offer three class styles to help you achieve your fitness goals. Reformation Body Tone is a full-body workout that targets the main muscle groups for an all-over feeling of strength. Arms, Abs + Glutes focuses on toning and tightening this trifecta. Stretch and Tone offers a balance of strength work and stretching for an equally challenging and therapeutic sweat session. Our friendly instructors are always happy to provide variations and we promise that you will come away feeling invigorated.

Pressed Juices

You will no doubt be hungry post your healthy sweat sesh. Head downstairs to Pressed Juices for one of their nourishing drinks. From energising combinations of healthy fruits and vegetables to smoothies using raw protein, Pressed Juices will give you the post-workout pick-me-up that you need. If you want to make Pressed Juices a part of your regular health routine, consider trying out one of their awesome and effective cleanse packages.

Endota Spa

Time to treat yourself to a massage at Endota Spa! Pamper away all muscle tension, stiffness and soreness with a range of body treatments intended to detox, smooth or moisturise. For an extra glow, book in a Pilates work out at Eastland ahead of your treatment for the perfect day of well-deserved self-indulgence.

The Beauty and Brow Parlour

Now that you are glowing after your massage and facial, it’s time to get your brows done. Part of feeling healthy involves presenting yourself in a way that says, “I matter!” The beauticians at The Beauty and Brow Parlour are experts when it comes to creating that perfect brow line. If you are looking for a little something extra, throw in some lash extensions to really show off your eyes.

Go Vita

Finish your healthy day out at Eastland Shopping Centre with a visit to Go Vita health food co-op. From supplements to natural cosmetics, Go Vita has everything you need to nourish your body inside and out. Go Vita even has exclusive health products that you cannot get anywhere else. If you have any questions, ask one of Go Vita’s health specialists and they will be more than happy to be of assistance.

Eastland Shopping Centre has everything you need to have a healthy day out. From a good sweat to treatments for healthy skin, this is your one-stop destination for all your health and wellness needs. Come by Eastland Shopping Centre and enjoy a healthy day out today!

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat: Why  You Should Sweat Once a Day

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat: Why You Should Sweat Once a Day

It’s no secret that working out is trendy right now. There are new fitness regimes popping up every few months, clothing companies strictly dedicated to activewear meant to be worn out in public, and juice bars giving coffee shops a run for their money. Being fit is in style and we love it. But fitness is more than just a passing trend. Here are some real and lasting health benefits to getting your sweat on at Reformation Pilates in Ringwood.

Sweating Detoxes the Body

Your skin is your largest organ, and when you sweat your skin pushes toxins out. Alcohol, cholesterol, salt, all those yucky things that affect the quality of your health. What’s more, sweating unclogs the pores and help the body to slough off dead skin cells so your complexion stays clear and glowing. Sweating once a day really helps your body stay on top of all of these things and keeps you feeling fresh.

Sweating Boosts Energy Levels

That post-workout feeling after a good sweat sesh isn’t magic—although it sure feels that way. When you elevate your heart rate for an extended period of time, your body produces endorphins. Endorphins are the natural feel-awesome hormone that are released during exercise. Not only that, it has been proven that working out in a group makes a workout seem less difficult than if you were working out alone. Hooray for group sweat sessions! 

Sweating Fights Off Nasties

And we don’t mean because of the smell! Sweat is naturally antimicrobial and can fight viruses, bacteria and fungi. Not such a bad thing when our largest organ is constantly being exposed to the germs that literally exist everywhere in the world. The combination of salt and slight acidity of sweat is what keeps you healthy. That being said, you still need to wipe down your machine after class!

Sweating also means you are moving your body! It is no secret that a daily movement practice contributes to a healthy body, mind and soul. And you know what they say: A sweat sesh a day keeps the doctor away!