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Top 5 Reasons to try Reformer Pilates

Top 5 Reasons to try Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates machines allow you to use your bodyweight, resistance and light weights to achieve a full-body workout. The benefits of regular Reformer Pilates practice range from a more toned body to injury prevention. Here is a list of the top five reasons we think everyone should try a pilates class at Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland.

1.      Full-Body Conditioning

Reformer Pilates targets every area of your body. In a regular workout, it is very common for your more dominant muscles to take over. On a Reformer Pilates machine, you are able to make those hard-to-activate muscles work. This helps your body move the way it is supposed to move, in addition to aiding in injury prevention.

2.      Increased Core Strength

Of all the areas of your body that get worked in a Reformer Pilates session, your core muscles will feel the burn the most. There is an emphasis on strengthening the pelvic floor and the deep core muscles. These are the muscles that stabilise your spine and add power to the rest of your body’s movements. Reformer Pilates offers powerful core-strengthening exercises that strengthen and tone the muscles of your abdomen.

3.      Greater Flexibility

In addition to stabilisation, Reformer Pilates also helps to develop greater flexibility. By strengthening the body in a balanced way, muscle fibres are lengthened safely. Pilates was designed to rehabilitate injured ballet dancers so that they could maintain their muscle tone and flexibility despite not being able to partake in their regular training. Therefore, there is always a flexibility component of every Reformer Pilates class.

4.      Improved Joint Stability

Reformer Pilates exercises are slow and controlled to ensure proper form. This also helps maintain the activation of the right muscle groups and prevents dominant muscle groups from taking over. All of this contributes to building up joint stability, especially in areas that are prone to injuries, such as the shoulders and knees.

5.      Low Impact

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact way to exercise that won’t put unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. Over time, impact wears away joints and can create discomfort in the body. So a Reformer Pilates class is the perfect way to get a workout in without compromising your joint health. This means you can practice Reformer Pilates at any age to help rehabilitate your body after an injury, as well as for general fitness.

There are countless other benefits to regular Reformer Pilates practice. The best way to get to experience the benefits of Reformer Pilates is to try out a class. Reformation Pilates offers three different Reformer Pilates class types to help you get the body you want. Reformation Body Tone is a full-body workout that targets the main muscle groups for an all-over feeling of strength. Arms, Abs + Glutes focuses on toning and tightening this trifecta. Stretch and Tone offers a balance of strength work and stretching for an equally challenging and therapeutic sweat session. Try Reformer Pilates at Reformation Pilates today and experience all the benefits of this full-body workout machine.