At Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland – we’re all about feeling the burn!

If you ask any professional athlete how they push through those last few reps at training or the final stretch of a race, you might hope they say something along the lines of, “Oh, I don’t really feel the burn anymore.” Which would maybe give you hope that one day those last few reps of your 100s will suck a bit less. Unfortunately, the burn is here to stay. But here’s the truth: this is a good thing. The stronger you get in your Pilates practice, the more you can challenge yourself to reach your goals.

So instead of waiting for the day the burn disappears, focus on mastering the burn instead. Here are some of our favourite ways to get through those last few reps:

1.      Think about how good you are going to look naked. Seriously, every time you feel like throwing in the towel, picture yourself with a toned body wearing your favourite birthday suit. Oh yeah, the burn is worth it.

2.      Think about how good you are going to feel the next time you’re with your crush. This may involve a sexy black dress or your birthday suit. We’re not here to judge.

3.      Think about Kim Kardashian’s sculpted waist and awesome booty. She has to do Pilates. How else does she keep that toned but soft figure?

4.      Think about Michelle Obama’s arms. Not only is the First Lady an intelligent and progressive wonder-woman, she has some seriously sculpted guns. Best of all, she’s been showing them off since day one. Maybe she and Kim do Pilates together.

5.      Think about the U.S. election. Seriously, the most powerful country in the world might descend into darkness very soon and there’s a good chance a zombie apocalypse will ensue if this happens. If this is the case and the zombies somehow make it to Australia, we need to be ready. So finish those reps before it’s too late!

6.      Think about your favourite food truck. You will want to protect it from the zombies, won’t you? Oh, and also enjoy that delicious burger guilt-free, of course.

Give these a try and let us know how it goes. Also, we would love to hear what gets you through those last few, burning reps!