Smoothies are a staple of any health-conscious human’s routine, at Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland, we love them. They are a great on-the-go option, they’re bright and colourful and come packed full of essential nutrients to keep you going throughout your day. Easy to throw together the day before, smoothies really are all about convenience. Depending on how you like your smoothies, a smoothie bowl might not be the most revolutionary thing to happen to your breakfast since bulletproof coffee became a thing. If, however, you have your daily smoothie with a side of boring, the smoothie bowl could be just the inspiration you didn’t know you were looking for:

A Smoothie Bowl is Thick

As you will be eating your smoothie bowl with a spoon, you want it to be scoopable. There a few ways you can do this. The obvious option is to add less water. However, this depends on the type of blender you are using, and extra water may be needed to help your ingredients to blend. Using frozen fruit will add to the thickness of your spoon-friendly smoothie. If you really want to thicken your breakfast up, add chia or ground flax seeds and let your smoothie sit for 10 minutes. Chia and flax also have the added benefit of providing more fibre to your meal.

A Smoothie Bowl has Granola or Muesli as a Topping

Once you’ve created the base for your smoothie—banana, berries, yoghurt, protein powder, etc.—add granola or muesli for extra crunch. This adds some texture and a bit of flavour to your smoothie. If grains aren’t your thing, no worries. Add a grain-free granola or chopped nuts instead.

A Smoothie Bowl is Really All About the Toppings

Don’t feel like you have to stop at granola, muesli or chopped nuts. Add coconut flakes, chopped fruit, dark chocolate chunks, chia seeds, you name it! Sky’s the limit when it comes to adding pizazz to your smoothie bowl. Go ahead and make your boring old smoothie exciting again.

The Science Behind Spooning Your Smoothie Bowl

Digestion begins in the mouth when the enzymes in your saliva mix with the food you are eating. Not only that, chewing and the movement of your tongue while you eat contribute to how full you feel after a meal. Traditional smoothies don’t require chewing so the nutrients in your smoothie aren’t as prepared to be absorbed by the rest of your digestive tract. There’s also that feeling of having not really eaten after gulping down a classic smoothie.

A smoothie bowl is a great solution to solve to these important factors. It allows for the maximum absorption of nutrients by beginning the digestion process in the mouth. A smoothie bowl also feels more satisfying to eat. Sure a couple of toppings and a slightly thicker smoothie might seem like no big deal but it can have serious health benefits.

Check out these tasty recipes to get started on your smoothie bowl breakfast. Sorry classic smoothie, there’s a new kid in town.