Let’s be honest, the main reason most of us want to get fit is so we look good naked. At Reformation Pilates in Ringwood, Eastland, we could not agree more. Of course, there are heaps of other benefits to using an Allegro Pilates Reformer bed which you can read about in this article. But for most of us, a body that feels toned and strong is our main motivation for committing to a regular Pilates workout.

The Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed is the most versatile Reformer machine available. Its modular design allows for a countless number of easy adjustments to be made, so you can fit in the perfect workout every time. This means that you will find the correct amount of resistance to help tone your body in all the right ways. Here are a few key elements of the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed that make it a simple yet effective body-toning machine.

The Bed

The Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed has adjustable springs to change the resistance you feel as you work out. The spring tension works in both directions of movement so you achieve a greater amount of toning with each exercise. The bed slides smoothly on its tracks ensuring every movement is fluid and controlled.

The Ropes

The resistance ropes on the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed can be used to work both the arms and the legs. The springs of the bed are used to create the perfect resistance level, only instead of using the bar to initiate a movement, the ropes put your body to work. Unlike the back and forth movement of the bed, the ropes allow for circular and angled movements for all-over muscle tone.

The Sitting Box

The sitting box adds another element to an Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed workout. To elevate the body, the sitting box is used in combination with the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed to allow for a greater variety of exercises to be done using the machine. This variety in possible movement options helps you to get the all-over body tone you want.

The Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed is a one-stop machine that will help you tone your body through its various resistance and movement options. It offers low-impact solutions that give you results without compromising your joint health or any pre-existing injuries. As far as looking good naked goes, there is no better option than the Allegro Pilates Reformer Bed. Get fit in bed; try a class at Reformation Pilates and experience all the body-toning benefits of this full-body workout machine.