You've heard all about the amazing things Pilates can do for your body. From strengthening your core to easing point pain, it's a true total body workout. One thing you might not know is that it's also the perfect workout for your mind. Health isn't just about your body. Your mental health is just as important as having strong muscles or good posture. Nothing beats that feeling you get when you start noticing changes in mood, confidence, and emotions. Here are just a few ways Pilates will improve your mental health.

It Teaches You to Be Mindful

A wandering mind is one of the worst things for our mental health and mood. It can strike at any time, making whatever you're doing much harder. Pilates requires your complete attention and focus, which eventually leads to a more meditative state. There's no room for a wandering mind in Pilates! Eventually you'll be able to take the skills you learn in Pilates and use them to promote mindfulness at home. This can lead to less stress and a much better mood.

It Improves Your Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is bad for both the body and the mind. Pilates is the perfect way to improve your sleep. You could spend hours in the gym on the elliptical and treadmill to wear yourself out, or you could enjoy a low-impact exercise that will expend your energy, calm your mind, and improve your spirits. You're much more likely to have a full night's rest after a Pilates class, than if you just sat around the house all day.

It Eases Pain

When you're in pain, of course you're not going to be happy. By relieving the stress tension in your body, Pilates calms your body down. When stress hormones settle in your body, it leads muscle spasms and pain that can really put a damper on your day. Gentle stretching through Pilates is the best way to relieve the pain and improve your mood.

Other Ways Pilates Helps

With so many mental health benefits Pilates brings, we could go on all day. Here's a list of more common mental improvements you'll get by attending a few classes each week.

·         Improved anxiety

·         Reduced negative emotions

·         Increased feel-good endorphins

·         Sharpens the mind

Perhaps the best way Pilates improves your mental health is by improving your confidence. Believing in yourself and feeling good about yourself is the first step to a healthy life.