With the rise of stars such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, the booty has made a comeback. Gone are the days of trying to be hip-less with no butt. Women want toned booties they can shake on the dancefloor. This booty-positive trend is on point and we love it. We also have a secret for you: Reformation Pilates at Eastland Shopping Centre is the perfect way to get the sculpted behind you want. Try out these at-home butt toning exercises and you will have a twerk-worthy booty in no time.

Exercise One: Pelvic Curl Up

This powerhouse exercise works the glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs.

1.      Start lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Rest your arms beside your body, palms facing down.

2.      Exhale and drop your low back flat on the floor. Lift your pelvic floor up as you draw your belly button towards your spine.

3.      Slowly begin to peel your back off the floor starting with your hips. Engage your glutes and curl all the way up until you are in a bridge position.

4.      Once you reach maximum height with your hips, reverse the movement and roll your spine back down to the floor. Again, go slowly and keep lifting your pelvic floor the entire time.

5.      Once your hips touchdown, release the pelvic floor and take a big inhale. On your exhale, lift the pelvic floor and begin the exercise once more.

Exercise Two: Leg Lifts

This will give your booty a nice little lift. Not only that, it works the abs and back muscles as well. Don’t be surprised if more than just your buns are sore the next day!

1.      Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. You want your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees.

2.      Lift one leg up with the knee bent to 90° and the sole of the foot facing upwards. Engage your core muscles to stabilise your body.

3.      Begin to lift the sole of the lifted leg up towards the ceiling. Keep the hips as level as you can and only lift the leg to the height where the rest of your body can stay stable.

4.      Release the leg back to the starting lifted position.

5.      Repeat for 15 reps and then switch sides. Do a few sets on each side or move until you feel your glutes fatiguing.

            Exercise Three: Side Leg Lifts

This exercise targets the outer glute muscles as well as the inner thigh. All the jiggly spots in other words!

1.      Start on your hands and knees just like you did for the original leg lifts.

2.      Again, lift one leg up with the knee bent to 90° and the sole of the foot facing upwards. Engage your core muscles to stabilise your body.

3.      This time, lift your leg out to the side. Keep your knee in line with your hip and only lift your knee as high as you hip.

4.      Slowly lower the leg back down to the floor.

5.      Repeat 15 times on both sides. You can do additional sets if your booty is feeling up to it.

Exercise Four: Single Leg Lifts

This exercise is similar to swimming and works the whole back of the body, including your butt.

1.      Start lying face down and rest your forehead on stacked palms, just like you did for the previous exercise. Your legs should be extended straight back behind you.

2.      This time, lift one leg up off the ground. Engage your glute muscle to get the maximum lift in this position.

3.      Slowly lower your leg back down to the ground.

4.      Repeat with the other leg. Do 15 lifts on each leg, take a minute of rest and repeat.

It won’t take long for you to notice that your butt has gotten a bit of lift and tone after doing these exercises. For even faster results, try our Pilates Reformer classes where the added resistance of the machines will help you reach your perfect booty faster.