Tea is a great way to reduce or eliminate snacking. While some nutrition plans praise the five-meals-a-day method, other studies have shown the benefits of giving your gut rest in between meals. Either way, snacking can quickly become a mindless activity that results in the consumption of unwanted calories.

It is common to confuse thirst for hunger so before you decide to reach for that mid-afternoon snack, have a big glass of water first. If after your big drink you are still hankering for something more, give a hot cup of tea a go. It may seem like you’re essentially just having another glass of water but there’s more to your cuppa than you might expect.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant. Studies show that smelling peppermint distracts people from feeling hungry, whilst keeping you hydrated as well.  If your snacking habit is due to an increased level of anxiety or worry, peppermint is a natural tummy soother, so it will help your gut manage stress.

  Green Tea

Green tea is another appetite suppressant with a naturally occurring antioxidant that boosts a hunger-suppressing hormone. These antioxidants keep blood sugar levels stable so you don’t experience the common insulin spike that leads to a need to snack. Plus, you get the added benefits of all of those detoxifying antioxidants.

We most often feel the need to snack when we are bored or have low blood sugar.  Preparing a cup of tea can be a great little meditation ritual if your hunger cravings are coming from a place of boredom. If your blood sugar is low, still have that cup of tea, but also eat some protein to boost your energy levels and keep them stable in the future.